The Golf Cup for Covid-19 – ‘Today’s Golf Cup’

"Keeping the integrity of the game, while keeping golfers safe."


Today’s Golf Cup was designed by founder, and ex collegiate golfer Dominic Lingua. He grew up in Southern California, playing junior golf and high school golf, before attending UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) on a golf scholarship, graduating in 2013.


Today’s Golf Cup is a safe and functional solution to the modified cups we see as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Dominic consulted with numerous superintendents and golf professionals, focusing on the functionality of the design to ensure delivery of a product that would not only limit contact with the cup during retrieval of the golf ball but also not allow balls to bounce out of the cup. Today's Golf Cup has also been approved by the USGA (United States Golf Association) under the Covid-19 guidelines.


A picture containing grass, a golf cup, and golf green - Today's Golf Cup


Today’s Golf Cup was strategically designed with two main goals in mind:


  1. Keeping the integrity of this game during this challenging time. The aim was to design a cup that would not interfere with the course of play (balls bouncing out). This cup is designed to sit 1 inch below the putting surface, which is the same as a normal golf cup. So, it sits low enough to allow the ball to collect without bouncing out. It holds the actual integrity and performance of a normal cup.
  2. Secondly and most importantly, was golfers' safety being taken into consideration. The cup is designed deep enough for the golf ball to collect, but high enough so the ball sits up. Allowing you to bend over and grab the ball with two fingers. Ultimately this minimises the amount of contact on the course.


It is an insert that fits together with any regulation or practice green cup, to keep the ball toward the top, and easy to retrieve without touching anything. Once the safety precautions are over, this can also be used to protect cup edges when the flagstick is kept in while putting.


Today’s Golf Cup Benefits:


  • Works with any golf cup – both regulation and practice green
  • Easy to use, and effective – unlike other solutions
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used on golf courses to protect cup edges from leaving the flagstick in
  • A discreet look, which doesn’t detract from the beauty of the green or amenities
  • Made in the USA and supports a small business


A picture containing grass, a golf cup, and golf green - Today's Golf Cup ProductA picture containing grass, a golf cup, and golf green - Today's Golf Cup Product


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If you have any further questions, please contact your CCI state representative. You can reach us on 1300 138 804 or contact us here.


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