The Pre-Soaker 4000, the ultimate solution for driving ranges dealing with muddy conditions. Designed to tackle mud-season challenges, low spots, and drainage issues, this Soaker effectively loosens and cleanses golf balls from caked-on mud, dirt, and grass. Trusted by golf courses and driving ranges worldwide, the Pre-Soaker 4000 boasts a massive 4,000-ball capacity. Once soaked, golf balls are smoothly elevated by an adjustable-speed belt, which can be tailored to match any ball washer in the market. Its perforated belt design keeps dirty water in the tank, ensuring only thoroughly cleaned golf balls enter the washer. Equipped with heavy-duty lockable castor wheels, this unit is effortlessly maneuvered into position and can be relocated for maintenance without the need for tools. The Pre-Soaker 4000 simplifies deep cleaning, making it a seamless addition to your maintenance routine. Conquer muddy challenges with ease and precision, courtesy of the Pre-Soaker 4000.

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