Lapping Compound

Lapping compound, when applied in golf course settings, becomes an essential asset in the maintenance of cutting-edge equipment. This specialised abrasive paste is meticulously formulated to fine-tune the performance and longevity of various golf course machinery, such as reel and bedknife units for greens mowers. By facilitating a precise grinding and lapping process, it ensures that these critical components maintain their sharpness and precision, contributing to impeccable turf maintenance standards. Golf course lapping compounds play an integral role in optimising the quality of cut, minimising stress on the grass, and ultimately elevating the overall playability and aesthetics of the course. These products epitomise the dedication to golf course excellence, offering a vital tool for equipment maintenance that, in turn, translates into an exceptional golfing experience for players.

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Lapping Compound Paste - 13kg

Lapping Compound Paste - 13kg

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