Range Servant BT1950

The Range Servant BT1950 golf ball washer is a game-changer in golf ball cleaning technology, boasting an impressive capacity of 24,000 balls per hour. Its direct drive design ensures efficient and virtually jam-proof operation, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. With 1000 ball load hoppers and a robust 3/4 HP high torque motor, this washer is built to handle the demands of busy golf ranges. Its 100% galvanised construction ensures durability, even in challenging weather conditions. The BT1950 features a fresh water pre-spray and rinse system, enhancing cleaning effectiveness, and its 100% brush efficiency guarantees that every ball emerges pristine. Most importantly, it's incredibly gentle on golf balls, ensuring they remain in optimal condition. The Range Servant BT1950 golf ball washer is the epitome of performance, efficiency, and ball-friendly design, making it a top choice for range operators seeking the best in golf ball cleaning technology.

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