Systemised Golf Range Solutions

CCI – Golf & Range Equipment in partnership with Range Servant have been at the forefront in the development of custom solutions for some 90-95% of commercial and private golf range solutions for 25 years. Our understanding of the commercial operation means not only can we provide the most suitable, sophisticated and reliable equipment, but more so we help each operation to maximise their facilities revenue capacities.
Put the golf ball in place!

It is at the Driving Range the foundation for success is laid. Rational training combined with professional support leads to better golfers. A good golf Driving Range offers the best preconditions for all golfers, both during the training session and as a warm-up for that regular game with friends. To quickly receive a basket of good clean range balls, take a few steps to the range mat or walk up to an automatic Tee-Up and start swinging the golf club that is the way a good Driving Range should work.
When golfers, through efficient training achieves success, the interest increases and more golfers will find their way to the Driving Range to improve their game, which leads to a higher turn-over for you as a Driving Range operator.


Ball Management System
To ensure the highest performance and reliability of our ball management systems, we work according to our project model, which runs through our entire working process from quotation, design, production to the completed installation. Each project step has to pass through a grid criteria and be approved prior to proceeding to the next step in the project. Using this method we ensure that our customers are involved in each step and receive a system that fulfils their requirements. 
Our relationship with the customer does not end at the point of installation, though. A one- year warranty check-up is included with all our systems together with a one year contract to our support line. 

Golf Ball Dispensers
Range Servant Golf Ball Dispensers are the #1 selling Golf Ball Dispensers in the world. We have 19 models to choose from depending on your needs at the golf range. Range Servant dispensers can be equipped with more vending options than any other ball dispenser in the golf range business. All Range Servant Ball Machines are made of the strongest materials and carry the most comprehensive warranties available. 

Automatic Tee-Ups
Tee-Up your customers and your ball sales with Range Servant’s Tee-Ups
The RS Tee-Up with feeder is a unique product that will, at once, increase ball sales while enhancing the customer’s golfing experience. Proven to speed up play by 25-50%, golfers benefit from hitting ball after ball without re-gripping or bending down to tee up the next ball, while range owners will notice the increased speed in which golfers finish their buckets. 
It's ergonomic design allows the golfer to quickly and easily adjust the tee to the perfect height by pressing the up and down button next to the screen. 

Golf Ball Pickers
Range Servant Golf Ball Pickers are suitable for any Golf Driving Range and can pick up to 100,000 Golf Balls per day. Our picker models are available in different designs that provide functionality according to user needs. Whether you require picking just a handful of balls per day (e.g. 100) or need a ball picker that can fetch thousands of balls, we have you covered.

Golf Ball Washers
Range Servant is one of the leading suppliers of Golf Ball Washers. Our wide range of washers are capable of washing several balls in bulk, from 100 to 100,000 Golf range balls. We cater for all types of clients including professional Golfers, Golf course owners and people who play Golf as a hobby.

Whether you require washing a handful of range balls or need a Golf Ball Washer that can clean thousands of balls in bulk, we have you covered. Range Servant understands the need of having a convenient mechanism for keeping Range Balls clean, without using harsh chemicals.

No Harsh Solvents or Cleaners Required
Using corrosive substances for washing range balls can result in reducing their life. Now imagine using such a substance for washing thousands of range balls! Such a practice can easily result in loss worth thousands of dollars within a short period of time. On the contrary, using Range Servant Golf Ball Washers can enable you to not only clean range balls more efficiently but also ensure a longer life for them.

Same Day Delivery
We use the best possible material for making Golf Ball Washers, including rust proof substances such as stainless steel. Since Range Servant is a premium manufacturer and supplier of high quality Golf equipment, we ensure same day delivery for Golf Ball Washers and spare parts.