New GSMS waste2water treatment system

The latest technology in wash water recycling is here thanks to ESD Waste2Water!

Golf courses and turf-care operations are under careful examination by environmental groups regarding their methods for:

  • Washing vehicles and equipment

  • Mixing, loading and sorting of chemicals

  • Fueling vehicles and equipment 

ESD Waste2Water are well aware of these concerns and are continuously working with superindentents and turf-care professionals to find the most efficient solutions for these issues which makes them an industry leader for wash water recycling solutions. They have designed and installed hundreds of:

  • Closed-loop wash racks

  • Contained chemical mix/load and storage areas

  • Contained fuel areas

The ESD Waste2Water system is a patented fixed film biological treatment system that utilizes specially engineered microbial blends for the breakdown of hydrocarbon based organic contaminants including oil, grease, petrol, diesel, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc; into carbon dioxide and water.

Odour is controlled through an oxygen rich water that does not allow the water to go septic – producing a clear, odourless water for re-use.

The GSMS Series is the latest in wash water recycling technology. The GSMS Series is designed for treating Turf Care maintenance facility equipment with up to 4-hose stations.

The addition of the Grass Clipping Separator, the integrated Inclined Plate Clarifier combined with the Biological Treatment System creates a water quality with a low Turbidity. The GSMS provides the versatility to seperate the grass clippings, suspended solids and hydrocarbons all in one compact system to produce a high quality recycled wash water.

The wash water slurry flows over the fine mesh clipping screen where grass and other solids slide dovwn the clipping screen and into the Clipping Cart. At the same time, water drops through the clipping screen and into the Solids Separator.

The Clipping Trailer captures grass clippings, sand particulates and other solids. The solids are dewatered as they drip-dry in the clipping cart. The water drains into a Shallow Sump below the Clipping Cart. Once dewatered, the grass clippings are removed and disposed of appropriately.

The wash water slurry is directed into the Inclined Plate Clarifier allowing the suspended solids to drop to the bottom, while skimming the water and hydrocarbons off to travel into the Biological Treatment Chamber.

Once in the Biological Treatment System, the water travels over and under a series of baffles and through a mass of honeycomb bio media covered with specially-formulated microbes. Organic contaminants are consumed by the microbes, and converted into carbon dioxide and water. Creating a low turbidity recycled wash water.

The marine grade aluminium covering is designed to protect the intrinsically safe controls from the environment. The GSMS also provides a Water Flow Meter to report the amount of Recycled Water for sustainability.

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