Why the flagstick rule is damaging cup hole edges.

Date Posted:28 February 2020 

Following the United States Golf Association ruling flagsticks to be kept in during putting, the thought was it might also speed up the pace of play. Although nobody had anticipated this might have unintentionally created opportunities for golfers to damage the golf cup edge when they reach in to retrieve their golf ball.


Soon after the rule went into effect early 2019, there started to be complaints about the edge of holes breaking down, due to a large number of golfers reaching in with their hands to retrieve their golf ball while the flagstick still remained in damaging the hole.


damaged cup hole edge


We note that superintendents by professional standards are often understandably cautious about stepping into the public and complaining about golfers at their course. However, during this period, most of them – are absolute perfectionists when it comes to course conditions and painstakingly stress over the slightest flaw.


We started to hear more complaints about the broken edges of cups. And over the last few months, there have been increasing numbers of cup edges with more than usual erosion. Of course, there was no hard-hitting evidence to make the judgment, aside from perception. In such cases, once these issues are reported, it is hard not to find evidence to support these claims.


damaged cup edge


The problem simply remains that whilst the flagstick in the cup is left, there’s much less room for a golfer to retrieve his or her balls from the cup. If you add up the number of these instances, you will end up with a combination of dirt, grass and a cup whose edge looks to be caved in.


The solution to this came not long after when Par Aide released their easy to use device that removes golf balls. The Edge-Saver, named appropriately for obvious reasons – allows players to remove the flagstick from the cup to retrieve their balls without damaging any cup edges or putting greens. It seems the time taken to educate golfers, alter practice and self-monitor may have been too difficult a task to adopt less invasive measures.


The clever attachment fastens to any Par Aide half-inch or tapered tournament flagstick, and nests perfectly into the grooves of the ferrule. The Edge-Saver was designed to freely move up and down the flagstick, and further minimise any damage when removing or replacing in the cup.


edge saver


CCI - Course Course Equipment offers two different packs and you can save $25 when you order your stock with our Edge-Saver Twin Pack (20x).


edge saver 10 packedge saver twin pack


If you have any further questions, please contact your CCI state representative to discuss how we can benefit your club or golf course.


Please call us on 1300 138 804 or contact us here.

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Good for golf on the putting greens

By: on 3 February 2023
I've returned to the game after not playing for 20 years. Which meant I was surprised when I recently played my first rounds, and the other guys in the group were putting to the hole with the flag left in

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