CCI's Major rebrand

Country Club International (CCI) has grown from humble beginnings 25 years ago focussed very much on the niche high end golf range equipment to now being a market-leader in product ranges that extend well beyond the original intended golf market.

Over the years CCI has taken on new projects in new areas, offering solutions for every edge of the golf course and beyond. The continued success of their safety fencing projects and water management systems showed it was time for a brand transformation.

“As the business has evolved, it’s become apparent that there are some key sectors that have really stood alone and essentially could be their own businesses within the organisation,” says CCI National Sales Manager, John McCafferty.

In order to stay current and at the forefront of the golf industry, while expanding some of the new areas of the business, it was time for a new marketing direction.

“We have rebranded the business, creating three separate brands under the one Country Club International, which we are pushing as CCI.

We now have three divisions called CCI Safety Fencing, CCI Water Management and CCI Golf Equipment.”

“The main reason for it [the rebrand] was to really provide focus and do justice to these areas. 

  Water Management system at Growling Frog GC, Vic.

We’re probably going to create more brands under this parent company down the track, but we wanted to retain who we are, so this was the best way to do it.” says McCafferty.

CCI’s separate strands will allow the company to stay strong in the golf market but also to better focus on and keep up with the demand of their water management and safety netting sectors, which have grown beyond our expectations. 

McCafferty says the rebrand will also help make their services more clear to those not in the golf industry.

“Our range has just become more broad to these other areas, whether it is selling to sport or government sectors, mining, construction and more, so we wanted a refreshed look to move with the market, and also to stop being viewed as a golf-specific brand.”

The update includes a fantastic new website that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate for old and new customers.

  CCI Safety Fencing in Ringwood, Vic.

“The new website is there to provide a solution to superintendents and other customers that are time poor.

We have tried to be more than just a website that sells; we also want to give them really good information on the solutions we can offer.

The site will link our entire current client base into their own pages, where they will be able to access all their online accounts and invoices and do all their online ordering.”

“You’ll also see more specialist style websites rolled out for the water management, safety fencing and eventually any other areas if we choose to keep expanding’” McCafferty says.

Diving right into the age of technology, CCI are also strengthening brand awareness on social media, as well as offering an app for people to use for all their ordering requirements.

Our sales app has been in operation for 12-months now and has been very successful. 


The customer experience is simple; we’re providing them with a platform to be able to go online, link directly to their own accounts, see their history, order online and also see if we have items in stock or not.

There is just going to be an ease now, so superintendents don’t need to pigeon hole that time into a meeting and try to get through everything they want and need in a sales call,” says McCafferty.

While the rebrand sounds like a lot of work, CCI insist this is the best approach; and that three divisions within the business really are better than one.

“Mike Baker and I will have a hand in everything, but the reason that we’ve done this is because these areas of the business are growing,"  says McCafferty.

  The new website's online ordering system is simple and user friendly.

Breaking things up means we will be able to establish designated teams to handle these other sectors of the business, and we believe that it’s going to assist us in appealing to the broader market."

For current clients wanting to set up their account with the new system, call 1300 138 804.

To check out the new rebrand and what CCI can offer you head to their new website.

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Originally posted by Alyce Shaw on Turf Mate

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