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Spectrum has been long known for its industry standard setting technologies and the TDR350 is no exception. The TDR350 builds upon technologies from the TDR100 and TDR150 that excelled, and adds to them a whole new set of features for even greater efficiency.  

These include:

  • Soil Volumetric Water Content measurement 
  • Electrical Conductivity Measurement 
  • Turf Surface Temperature measurement
  • Improved LCD backlit display 
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Internal GPS
  • Time-domain Measurement Technology 

The introduction of Bluetooth and GPS means that all other data tracking devises are rendered useless. 

The improved, larger capacity data lodger can record approximately 50,000 measurements with GPS coordinates. These measurements can then be easily transferred and analysed using either USB or any smart device with access to SpecConnect FieldScout Pro. SpecConnect FieldScout Pro is able to overlay moisture and other measurements onto Google Earth images to allow a greater understanding of the data collected by the TDR530. 

The TDR350 has a stylish, ergonomic design consisting of a shaft mounted probe that is connected to a modern, telescoping tubular frame. This design allows for swift and easy measurements in all turf/soil variations. 

Spectrum technologies have provided the golf turf market with the ability to turn plant measurements into information to allow all businesses to make profitable decisions. It is clear through this high-quality product why and how they have become the leader in turf technology throughout the globe.

Spectrum’s commitment to innovation and quality is the reason we continue to supply their products. They are the leader in providing advanced agriculture, horticulture and turf technologies to customers worldwide. Check out here for more products by Spectrum Technologies.

To order, refer to our contact page. Otherwise, contact your state representative below. 


To order, contact your CCI State Representative.


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