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With new safety screen installations from 3m to 30m high
Country Club International proves that they are the specialists in dealing with structures of all sizes.

Country Club International was established in 1992 and has been at the forefront of developing designs and systems for high safety screens in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia – particularly for sports fields, golf courses and ranges.

Much of the technology has originally been based on systems used in USA and Europe where extreme conditions have demanded “world’s best practice” in both design and componentry. In many ways CCI have now taken structural design of safety screens to another level again.

Country Club International is the exclusive importers of Redden #930 multifilament polyester barrier netting – regarded as the lightest and strongest net of its type. At 92% sheer it is also aesthetically better as it is almost translucent.

This quality and strength at such a low wind load rating (8%) has allowed design development to surpass anything ever seen here before, with screens up to 30 meters high – the tallest in Australia – using slender poles and wide pole spacing to significantly reduce the visual impact of the screens.

In the last 6 months Country Club constructed a number of screens ranging from a 5.5 meter high by 100 meters long structure at the Australian Golf Club in Sydney to a 24 meter high by 60 meter long structure at the Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne.

When asked which were the better of the two, Country Club International’s Managing Director Mike Baker stated, “Strictly, neither is better than the other. Certainly there are differences in height and length but both fences have been custom built and engineered to serve different

purposes. In all our installations - regardless of size - the same principals, engineering and components are used as they have been tried and tested for the Australian environment.

There is no greater example of Country Club’s motto “Supplying the best. Nothing less” than the work now being done by CCI in safety screens for the Golf and Sports industry.

The Australian Golf Club practice fairway – Sydney. The requirement for a low and visually unobtrusive screen to stop range balls running through to the adjacent fairway culminated in this 5.5m screen. From the tee-line this blends almost totally into the tea-tree background

Metropolitan Golf Club – Melbourne. A totally different issue on the right side of the practice fairway with balls clearing the boundary into an adjacent sports oval. The ultimate solution was a 24m high screen using Redden USA’s top grade polyester netting that is almost transparent – much to the relief of management and members.



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