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Wash Bay Equipment / Waste 2 Water

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ESD Waste 2 Water treatment systems are specifically designed technology for biologically treating hydrocarbon based contaminants.

Today in the golf course Maintainence area, activities like washing course equipment means that wash down areas are exposed to contaminants such as oil, grease, anti-freeze, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and detergents.

The biggest cause of concern is once these hydrocarbons are removed from machinery where do these contaminants end up going? In many situations golf courses put themselves at a huge potential risk with what does happen to their wash down water.

Your wash bay requires consideration of your proposed pollutant containment, treatment and disposal goals against capital and maintenance costs.

By addressing this high risk area your club will:

  • minimize the potential for an environmental incident
  • minimize the potential for environmental fines and prosecutions
  • demonstrate compliance
  • demonstrate due diligence
  • improve the club’s environmental profile

The wash bay area at your golf club is perhaps the most significant source of pollutant constituents in storm water runoff from the course. Other maintenance area activities such as the storage of fuels and the mixing and loading of chemicals simply contribute to the high environmental risks associated with operating a maintenance area.

The Sydney case has clearly demonstrated that golf club management decision making must include a precaution based approach focusing not only upon potential hazards but also on hazards already known to exist at the club. Many clubs do not have appropriate wash bays and containment areas. Importantly inn the Sydney case, the EPA submitted that had the spill been contained on-site no environmental harm would have occurred or would have been likely to occur. Your club does not want to be the next club to negligently contribute to an environmental offence by not managing its wash bay operations.

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